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Diploun is where industry comes for academic expertise.

Access a vast amount of talent and knowledge, find solutions and help grow your business. Diploun provides companies an innovative platform to reach the ultimate subject-matter-experts, while facilitating the engagement using a fee-for-service model.

Every day, entrepreneurs need advice and guidance. But oftentimes, they lack the time and resources to find the support and expertise they need. That’s where Diploun comes in: our platform provides a unique, intelligent and easy way for businesses to approach professors for practical advice, consulting, written content, benchmarking and board or advisory membership.

Academia’s vault of knowledge is vast and Diploun gives you the keys to unlock it. From the latest in artificial intelligence and new insights about retaining your employees to competitive market analysis and suggestions on shaping culturally sensitive business practices, Diploun connects businesses and entrepreneurs to leading academics who provide evidence-based, efficient, and cost-effective services.

How it works

Diploun provides an intelligent and easy way for businesses to reach professors for practical advice, written content, benchmarking and board or advisory board membership.

Businesses let us know what type of help they are looking for and we find the academic experts that best match their needs. From understanding business practices in other cultures, to creating forecasting models and statistical analysis, from data analytics to employee evaluation and leadership training, Diploun finds an academic who can help.

After learning about the company's needs, our staff suggests several experts with relevant experience and skills. We will, further, facilitate the communication and engagement between the parties.

Diploun offers a cost effective way of engaging academics directly - far more affordable than using consulting companies. During our trial period, Diploun's services are free of charge and obligate you to nothing. Just let us know in what area you are looking for an expert and what type of engagement you are looking for and we will do the rest.

For Businesses

Need an expert for your business? Why not an academic?

Diploun is here to help. Let Diploun find you an academic expert who can help you with consulting, advisory roles, benchmarking, custom research, content writing and much more.

From international accounting standards to the legal environment in Chad; from political risk assessment to best practices in diabetes care: let us put the academy’s vast, cutting edge knowledge to work for you.

  • Professors have an objective, evidence-based approach to solving problems (they will say what they think, not what you want to hear)
  • Unparalleled experience in writing clear, effective content
  • Top notch research skills: can help you locate key materials and design studies to better understand your needs
  • Good presentation and public speaking skills: can effectively explain key concepts to your staff and provide training
  • Familiar with most recent knowledge and technological developments before they reach industry: they can give you a competitive advantage
  • Bring a cache of institutional credibility and prestige

Engaging major consulting firms is cost prohibitive and is out of reach for most entrepreneurs and businesses. A Diploun experts offers personalized, cutting edge advice at a fraction of the cost.

During our trial period, Diploun's services are free of charge and obligate you to nothing. Just let us know in what area you are looking for an expert and what type of engagement you are looking for and we will do the rest.

Diploun can help you find consulting opportunities and advisory roles by matching you with businesses who are looking for expert help and advice. From IT design to employee motivation and retention, from market research and competitive intelligence to expertise in public health and environmental policy, businesses and entrepreneurs are in great need of the practical, cutting-edge advice you can provide.

Becoming part of Diploun's experts network is free and obligates you to nothing.

To become one of our experts, contact us with your area of expertise and what university you are affiliated with.

Use Cases

USE CASE: Statistical Analysis

Dalet, a startup company, is manufacturing a component that enhances depth perception in virtual reality eyeglasses. To find out the product’s durability, the company tests two versions of the component in a simulator, and finds that version A lasts for 1000 hours, while version B lasts for 3000 hours. Based on these findings, the company chooses to manufacture version B, though it is more complicated and thus more expensive to do so.

The choice is ungrounded statistically: the results from the testing of two prototypes are not generalizable, the study did not take into account the number of hours that an average set of glasses is actually gets used, and the study did not simulate the real conditions of use. The company chose which product to go forward with – the most significant business choice it will make – on the basis of faulty analysis. This mistake (and the resulting losses) could have been avoided by engaging an academic expert on statistical analysis that would have designed the most appropriate and specific study for evaluating the product choice.

Download the use case paper

USE CASE: IT Security

Aleph, a mid-sized human resources firm, wants an expert to evaluate and, if necessary, modify its IT security policy. A large consulting firm has offered a solution package. The package has proven effective for some clients in the past but is both more comprehensive (and thus expensive) than Aleph needs, and is not tailored to the organization’s specific features and employee characteristics.

An academic expert comes in with a host of empirical studies, which detail the incentives and features most likely to influence IT security policy compliance in different settings. Applying this research to the specific circumstances of Aleph, he or she provides a specifically tailored solution that is more personalized, more rigorous, and much cheaper than the alternative proposed by the consulting firm.

Download the use case paper

USE CASE: Recruiting and Engaging Introverts

According to some estimates between 40%-50% of the work force is comprised of introverts – people who tend to be shy, quiet and hesitant about social interaction in large groups. In spite of the prevalence of introverts, the corporate work environment is designed for the recruitment and flourishing of extroverts: outgoing, highly social and, more aggressive employees. From hiring practices that heavily emphasize the initial interview to open work-spaces, to the proliferation of meetings as a major part of the day – our work environments systematically favor one set of personality traits.

There is, of course, a serious risk lurking here: any company that ignores introverts is looking past half of the talent pool. But how does an HR office find introverts? How does a manager keep his introverted workers happy and engaged? Here an academic expert on personality psychology can be of great use: from hiring practices that emphasize tasks over interviews, to work environments that include more private spaces, empirical research on the factors that help introverts fulfill their potential can make a huge difference for companies talent recruitment and retainment.

Download the use case paper

About us

Diploun was founded by two professors in order fix the disconnect between the academy and industry. There is a wealth of practical knowledge in the academy that could make a huge difference for businesses and entrepeneurs. From expertise in artificial intelligence that can power search engines, to insights about how social media marketing works that can help a business reach new customers, academic experts can make all the difference in the growth and success of a business venture. We know from our own experience consulting with Startups and NGO's what a difference such relationship can make. We know academics are eager to expand the impact of their work and we know that businesses need rigorous and credible advice at an affordable price. Diploun was created to make that connection

Diploun means “double” in ancient Greek. We borrow our name from the famous Greek mathematician and philosopher, Pythagoras, who is reported to have said that “those who know the letters see double.” Knowledge, in other words, doubles how much you can see, how much you understand, and how much you can do.


Nir Eisikovits, Ph.D., LLB, is an Associate Professor of Legal and Political Philosophy at Suffolk University in Boston, MA, where he co-founded and directs the program in Ethics and Public Policy. Trained as a lawyer and as philosopher, Nir has done high level strategic planning work at the university and has advised numerous NGO’s focused on peace building and post war reconstruction.

Ariel Markelevich, Ph.D., CMA, is an Associate Professor of Accounting at the Sawyer Business School at Suffolk University in Boston, MA. He specializes in financial accounting and is an expert on structured data in XBRL. Ariel has extensive experience advising businesses and startups in the financial sector.